Crusty Mentorship

We discuss a resident-alumni mentorship program at Senior House every Steer Roast. We are developing more formal expectations for mentorship, but this will include regular communication, potential dinners at Senior House (or off campus), and a space to formally connect outside of formal connections. Please provide your thoughts on a mentorship or extended Senior House Community Connections program here:

If you are a registered member of this site, you can review available mentors and interested mentees. If you are not a registered member, you can register here with an or address


1. Senior House [was] a non-independent living group that emphasizes independence. This experience creates a unique group among its alumni interested in this independent style of living within an MIT-sanctioned living group.

2.Senior House Alumni are willing and excited to share their expertise and advice with others in the Senior House Community. Senior House Alumni include MIT graduates from the past 5 decades across every course and degree, with careers in academia, research, entrepreneurship, the judicial system, government organizations, business, art, journalism, social justice, and more.

3. Senior House Alumni do NOT advocate for or promote dangerous behavior. The primary concern of Senior House Alumni is the safety and well being of the students and the extended Senior House Collective Community. Senior House Alumni are willing to discuss any and all aspects of MIT, Senior House, Life, Liberty, and Happiness with students and residents and we acknowledge that these conversations may include topics that are considered dangerous, but we do NOT condone or promote dangerous behavior.

4. Senior House Alumni seek to present a united front from alumni on behalf of the current students and residents. Each generation at Senior House is unique and informs our larger understanding of humanity and the MIT experience. The voice of these alumni, while informed about the history of the house, does NOT supplant the experiences of current students.

5. Senior House Alumni provide an additional perspective of the MIT experience from those who have time away from the building and the institute to reflect on what has worked, and what has not worked in the long-term. They are also parents, teachers, and professors, and want to share their unique intergenerational understanding with the residents and the institute at large.