East vs. West

Lambda Sigma Delta Girls Perform at AXO Lip Synch (2001)

LSD Girls (Course 69) perform at the AXO Lip Sync for MIT Spring Weekend.

“The Most Innovative prize was awarded to Course 69, also known as the Lambda Sigma Delta girls: Charisse Massay, Eillen Tecle, and Rebecca Maglathlin, whose performance of Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor” pulsed with dynamic energy. “We rocked. We made our own shirts, choreographed the whole thing ourselves,” said Charisse L. Massay ’03. The enthusiasm of their performance was backed by a desire to “represent the east side of campus. There was no representation here from the east, it was all west side. We’re a minority,” said Massay.” The Tech (May 1, 2001).