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tl;dr: Our work as a community has just begun. Show your love with letters to the administration ASAP.

Alt-Roast 2017 was a complete success! Thank you to everyone who came out this weekend and thank you to everyone who supported us from afar; your presence was simultaneously missed and felt.

On Monday, April 24, the Institute cancelled Steer Roast. Eleven days later, on Friday May 5, we Alt-Roasted.

Friday Night at the Elks Lodge featured great bands, beautiful art, emotional speeches, an Alt-Lighting, and Senior House family spanning decades. Alt-Feast at Mentzer House on Saturday featured delicious meat (SO MUCH MEAT), an Alt-Wrestling Bounce Haüs, DoppleFeast 2017 (a skit by Emilio Jasso ’11), Alt-Awards, Alt-Casino, and memories of Roasts past. Brambleberry Breakfast on Sunday featured pancakes, pozole, quiche, a trampoline, and exhausted alumni and residents deliberating the past, present, and future.

Please share your pictures from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the Google Photo folders below. If you have pictures publicly shared on photosharing sites, please add the link in the comments below.

The outpouring of support in Alt-Roast was amazing; we raised over $6000 in less than 2 weeks, fully funding all Alt-Roast events and a catered Study Break to Senior House later this week.

The cancellation of Steer Roast is frustrating, sad, and even worse, a potential harbinger of the end of Senior House (more information on what’s happening at Senior House available here). Although it was an amazing weekend with friends and loved ones, it was bittersweet. Therefore, we are asked to continue this support through formal outreach to the administration.

Our work as a community has just begun.

All alumni are encouraged to send letters supporting Senior House to MIT administration. Please share how the Senior House community has affected your life, any personal anecdotes, and what it means for generations of MIT students looking for a place to fit in.

Keep your messages positive to counter any and all of the negative attitudes or impressions of Senior House. We need the administration to know that Senior House is an important and wonderful place, and worthy of maintaining and supporting.

You can send letters to:

Thank you again to our community, which goes far beyond the walls of Senior House. Your support and love was felt throughout the weekend by alumni, friends, and residents. Let’s make sure that we can do this again.

Next year in Senior House.

Lambda Sigma Delta Girls Perform at AXO Lip Synch (2001)

LSD Girls (Course 69) perform at the AXO Lip Sync for MIT Spring Weekend.

“The Most Innovative prize was awarded to Course 69, also known as the Lambda Sigma Delta girls: Charisse Massay, Eillen Tecle, and Rebecca Maglathlin, whose performance of Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor” pulsed with dynamic energy. “We rocked. We made our own shirts, choreographed the whole thing ourselves,” said Charisse L. Massay ’03. The enthusiasm of their performance was backed by a desire to “represent the east side of campus. There was no representation here from the east, it was all west side. We’re a minority,” said Massay.” The Tech (May 1, 2001).